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Lone Star Plumbing & Heating Ltd

14-4816 35B St SE Calgary AB T2B 3N1

With Lone Star plumbing and heating you are going to get high quality trades people who follow our belief of providing experience, honesty and integrity. When we tell a customer what we are going to do for them we do exactly that. We believe the customer deserves an honest experience to put them at ease during our time at their home or business. We believe in delivering the best products possible, this is why we make it our priority to be informed on the latest products available and the newest techniques. Lone Star plumbing and heating stands out among the rest of the plumbing and heating companies in Calgary by ensuring quality. We will not accept a job that does not meet our or our customer’s standards. At Lone Star we take pride in our work and teach our team members to provide quality workmanship, honesty and to treat people the way they would want to be treated.